Proteins are highly diverse polymers of amino acids that conduct enzymatic, structural, and regulatory activities within the cells of all organisms. Proteomic analyses can provide quantitative measures of protein abundances in a biological system, and provide researchers with a means to rapidly and accurately assess change. PepPro Analytics develops and validates custom protein quantitation assays using tandem mass spectrometry and can provide absolute quantitative data on any protein from any biological system. We can perform assays on single proteins or multiple proteins from a single sample. Our lab environment is compliant with US EPA Good Laboratory Practice Standards (40 CFR 160) so you can be assured of data quality for regulatory submissions. We are a full service facility. You provide us the protein sequence and samples, we provide you the data.

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Latest News

September 16, 2014
U.S. Patent No. 8,835,361 issued: High-throughput quantitation of crop seed proteins. Read more...

May 1, 2014
PepPro Analytics is pleased to announce compliance with U.S. EPA Good Laboratory Practice Standards (40 CFR 160). Read more...

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